Direct Marketing Glossary

A collection of definitions of unique terms used in direct marketing, particularly in the domain of mailing lists.

Articles From Experts

Your mailing lists are critical to the results of your direct marketing campaigns. Experts agree that at least 40% of the success of every campaign is attributable to the lists. Here is a selection of articles to help you in your quest to get better mailing lists and better marketing results.

The Art and Science of List Negotiations by Linda Huntoon, EVP, Direct Media, Inc
Brokers and managers traditionally have provided many services for their clients, and few are as important as the list negotiations that are prevalent today. Fortunately, in the years that I have...

Buying Data with Ease: Is it Possible? by Blair Staas, Accudata America
If only we had an easy way to buy the list we need quickly and painlessly. Online count and order systems make that wish a reality. List companies are putting their lists online so marketers can access what they need, when they need it. And though some companies have done this since the mid-1990s...

10 Tips: How to Get the Best Results with Rental Lists by Lisa Bowen, founder of Prospects To Go LLC
Direct-marketing campaigns are most successful when the creative, the offer and the lists all work together. List brokers help execute hundreds of campaigns for multiple clients, then tabulate the results. So after a while, on top of our vast experience qualifying and selecting the best lists for client campaigns, we also develop a sixth sense...

4 Simple Rules for Better Mailing Lists by Joseph Pych, Founder and President of NextMark, Inc.
Your success depends on your mailing lists. According to late great Ed Mayer, the success of every direct marketing campaign depends on 40 percent mailing lists, 40 percent offer, and 20 percent everything else. In other words, pick bad mailing lists and you will certainly fail. Pick good ones and you are on the road to success.