Find the Email Addresses of Your Business Contacts

Exact Data Business Email Appending (B2B) service uses company names, individual names and addresses to determine email addresses for your customers and append them to your list.

If you're not already using email in your marketing campaigns, you should be. Exact Data email appending service gives you improved customer communication while cutting down on costs.

Guaranteed Results from Exact Data

  • 40 Million Total Contact Records
  • High Match Rates
  • Pay Only For Successful Appends
  • Top Quality Data
  • Professional Service and Follow Up
  • Free Opt-Out Message Delivered
  • Quality Guaranteed

Exact Data first appends as many matches as possible using our B2B Email Append service, and then we match the unmatched records against our Small Home Office (SOHO) database. This approach not only provides you the best data possible, but it also maximizes your results.