In developing a new email campaign, direct marketing professionals consider multiple factors for producing successful results:

  • Defining an appropriate target audience
  • Creating eye-catching subject lines
  • Presenting content in user-friendly format
  • Increasing open and click rates
  • Analyzing campaign results
  • Evaluating campaign for integration or retirement

Exact Data is an industry leader in direct email marketing services. By providing clients with the data and tools necessary to develop, test and analyze their campaigns, Exact Data assists its clients in reaching their goals.

Direct email marketing services and list management

Exact Data email marketing services include:

  • Audience targeting
  • Dynamic personalization
  • Circulation planning
  • Online marketing analysis
  • Tracking campaign results
  • Testing and transactional messaging

Email Banners - Guaranteed Placement

Place your text link at the top of the inbox or elsewhere in Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail and AOL. Selects available include geography, age, gender and more. Even select by keyword. See Exact Data’s ad at the top of the Gmail inbox. Expect to pay a higher price per click, but get more consistent results. Here’s how it looks:

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