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July 21, 2014Exact Data Completes Database Update, Adds Thousands to Marketing Mailing Lists

The Chicago-based data firm recently completed an update of its records for Marketing professionals, cleaning and updating records.

July 21, 2014Restaurant Mailing Lists Get an Update in the Business Database at Exact Data

The data firm based in Chicago has added thousands of records to its database, including new and current listings for restaurants.

July 20, 2014Exact Data’s Latest Business Database Update Refreshes Records for Manufacturing Mailing Lists

The Chicago-based data firm renews its database monthly, both verifying and adding records, and adds thousands of new listings to Manufacturing Mailing Lists with most recent update.

July 19, 2014Exact Data adds 2000 B2B Records to Small Business Mailing Lists

The Chicago Data Firm recently completed an update of its business database, cleaning over 42 million records, and adding thousands more for small businesses.

July 18, 2014Exact Data Improves its Database of Consumers, Adds Records To College Students Mailing Lists

The Chicago, Illinois Data vendor has cleaned and updated its records, adding new information for college students in the process.

July 11, 2014Exact Data Updates Database of over 210 Million B2C records for Consumer Mailing Lists

The Chicago-Based data company adds new records, verifies existing information in consumer (B2C) database.

July 10, 2014Over 2000 Records Added to Exact Data’s Insurance Companies B2B Database

The Chicago-Based data firm recently renewed its business-to-business (B2B) listings, adding and updating information for thousands of insurance professionals.

July 8, 2014Exact Data Renews Records for Investor Mailing Lists.

The Chicago Data firm has updated records to its consumers Database, adding thousands of listings for Investors.

July 2, 2014Exact Data Verifies and Updates B2B database to Include New and Accurate Listings for Lawyer Mailing Lists.

The Chicago-based data firm performs regular updates to maintain most current records for legal professionals. Entire database of B2B listings now contains over 42 million listings.

July 2, 2014Exact Data Completes Update of Database, Expands B2C Mortgage Owners Mailing Lists.

Recent Update verifies Exact Data’s records, adds thousands of Mortgage Owners to its database.

July 1, 2014Exact Data Updates Medical B2B Database, Adds New Records to Nurse Mailing Lists.

Nurse Mailing Lists from Exact Data have been expanded and updated to include most recent information.

June 30, 2014Exact Data Adds 2,000 New Consumer Records to its Technology Mailing List Database

Chicago, IL data company keeps its databases current for homeowners through the National Change of Address Registry

June 27, 2014Exact Data Completes Update for Homeowners Mailing List Addresses Verification

Chicago, IL data company keeps its databases current for homeowners through the National Change of Address Registry

June 25, 2014Exact Data Verifies Government Mailing Lists for Accuracy and Deliverability

Chicago-based data company updates government addresses, email, and telephone records.

June 24, 2014Exact Data Updates Medical Professionals Mailing Lists to include Thousands of New Records

Chicago direct marketing data provider acquires new listings for medical businesses and professionals.

June 23, 2014Exact Data Adds Thousands of New Residents and Properties to Apartment Mailing Lists

Chicago-based data company updates its database to include most recent information for apartment properties and tenants.

June 20, 2014Exact Data Expands Teachers Mailing List with Most Recent Database Update

Chicago data company updated its records to reflect new and current data on Teachers for marketing use.

June 19, 2014Political Contributors Mailing Lists Recently Verified at Exact Data

Data company updates mailing lists containing political contributors for use in political campaigns and fundraising.

June 18, 2014Exact Data Adds New Records to Real Estate Mailing List Database

Direct marketing list provider adds 20,000 residential records to B2C real estate database.

April 14, 2014Exact Data Partners with BriteVerify for Email Validation Services

Data Company Announces Strategic Partnership for Email List Validation Services

April 11, 2014BuyerZone Rates Exact Data 94% in Client Satisfaction Review

Mailing List Company Receives 4/5 Stars for 2013

April 4, 2014Canada Introduces New Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL); Creates Increased Costs for Marketers

Exact Data CEO discusses Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), which takes effect July 1, 2014

March 28, 2014C-Level Executives Mailing Lists in Demand By Businesses Nationwide

Inc 5000 data list provider offers consumer and business phone appends.

March 18, 2014Exact Data Adds Thousands of New Building Owners to Property Owner Mailing List

Data List Service Acquires New Property Owner Data

March 17, 2014Exact Data Enhances Licensed Professionals B2B List Database

Data company continues to update licensed professionals mailing lists.